Apple II hardware

I have a bunch of interesting hardware that you might like to look at:

More to be added later!

My Apple II card collection

Picture Description
OKS MULTICACHE CARD:5 1/4 and 3.5 disk cache. Loads disks to on-card RAM, and all disk accesses after only have to read from the cards RAM. This card makes a disk drive as fast as a hard drive.
AST SPRINTDISK CARD:This is also a disk cache card. It acts as a RAM disk from prodos or DOS3.3. I need the software to make it a disk cache. It could probably make a 5 1/4 drive as fast as a hard drive.
VMC VOICE MODULE CARD:I don't know what this card does. It has a connector to plug into the ?keyboard ROM? socket and a few other ROM sockets, and then you plug the ROM into the connector. Some sort of Speech recognition? See the bigger Picture
HEURISTICS H2000 CARD:Speech recognition! Need the software. The card has a 1/8" headphone type connector, for a microphone. See the bigger Picture
UNIVERSAL DISK CONTROLLER CARD:This card will run almost any apple II disk drive with your Apple II. 800k 3.5, 5 1/4, maybe UNIDISK drives?
VERSACARD MULTIFUNCTION:This card has parallel and serial ports and a clock, all on one card, one slot. Useful if you are building a souped up IIe system, because it leaves room in other slots for your cool cards.
APPLE II VIDEO OVERLAY CARD:This card lets you overlay computer graphics onto video, for titling and effects.
APPLIED ENGINEERING TRANSWARP GS CARD:This card accelerates the Apple IIgs to 12.5 Mhz! It is a great card. You can upgrade it and make it go faster than the original 6 and 8 Mhz that the card came stock.
CIRTECH PLUSDISK CARD:This card is a static RAM disk. You can use it as either a RAM card or a hard drive. It is expanded to 1024k by the daughter board. It is battery backed by the blue lithium battery
WORKSTATION APPLETALK CARDConnect a IIe computer to an Apple Talk network.