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No screenshot available yet. I need to transfer it to this PC.

A GS specific "port" of the shootout game is in progress. I need to digitize more graphics for it. It currently has 5 digitized animated graphics; your character, and 4 enemies. I've been using my video camera and a video capture board for my PC. I pinned a white sheet to my garage wall, and film myself with the sheet as the background. It makes it easy to cut the graphics out. The game has a few digitized sounds, a few different gun sounds (courtesy of my friend the gun-nut). I also have some great clips from Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath. When you die, ozzy says "now you're gonna die" (Hand of Doom, Black Sabbath The Ozzy Osbourne Years 3 disk set).

The game is similar to Area 51, you use a light gun for input, and shoot just about anything that moves on screen. There are power ups, extra guns and ammo, lots of digitized backgrounds.

I need help making more graphics! email if you can help. Click here to email me.