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      Apple II POWER Tool!
"multi-tasking feature for the II"

Have you ever Turned on your Trusty Apple II, opened up your wordprocessor, and started to print, and then thought "Geez, I wish I could play a game while I wait for this thing to finish printing"?  Ever wish you could work on the front cover for the report you are printing out?  Guess what?  You CAN!

With this awesome hardware device, you can print documents in the BACKGROUND, requiring no processing time.  There are other products out there on the market that offer a software solution for 'background' printing.  These are only available for the Apple IIgs, and slow the system down for all operations during the print process.  The Apples processor has to constantly watch the printer, and see if it is ready to print more of your document.

This device works with *ANY Apple II with slots*.  You simply plug it in, and you never have to wait for your computer to finish printing again!*

The device is a MicroBuffer II printer card.  It has its own processor (so you don't have to use your Apple II's), its own RAM memory (again, you don't have to use your Apple II memory), and its own ROM.  It has 32k of RAM, so you can print a 32k document, and continue using your computer for other tasks.

Here is an Example of its operation:
     1)Open your word Processor
     2)Open a document
     3)Choose Print from the wordprocessor
     4)Wait a few seconds for the Text file to be sent to the MBII
     5)Your printer begins printing
     6)Quit your Word processor (total elapsed time approx 10 seconds)
     7)Run another program, any program.  A game, a utility, anything!
     8)The printer will continue to print as you work on other things.

Be More PRODUCTIVE, Save TIME, PLAY GAMES while your computer is printing your work.

If you run a game or other program that ends up crashing the computer while you are printing, no problem!  Just reset the computer with Control-Reset.  The printer will continue printing away while your computer restarts!  No software background printing solution offers this!  With other solutions, if the computer crashes, so does the background printing, and you have to reprint!

System Requirements:
Apple II (any Apple II with slots)
Parallel printer (or a serial printer with a parallel to serial converter)

Tech Info:
Dip switches allow control of following:
Buffer enable/disable
Reset erase buffer/Reset don't erase buffer

*on documents 32k and smaller